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About RAE-DIUS Construction

At Rae-Dius Construction we specialize in all construction processes such as newly built homes, cottages, boathouses, garages, decks and docks, as well as all renovations from conception to completion. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have a full understanding of the renovation process and that their needs are being met. We involve our clients as much or as little as it suits them, providing full project management and design consultation services.


Our Process

We believe in sound communication and proper project management. That's why all of our projects – commercial or residential, large or small – all follow the same systems and procedures.

We want our clients to completely understand the construction process, as we believe our clients have a substantial impact on the success of the project.

Preconstruction Design

Unsure of where to start? Our team can match you with a designer to get the ball rolling on your renovation or new build.

Construction Estimate & Permitting

Once a design has been finalized, we will provide you with an estimate and manage the permitting process.

On-Site & Online Consultations

Stay in the know with on-site consultations, or follow along with daily updates for your job in our management software.

The Finishing

Our team is with you throughout your entire project, from start to finish – we're not done until the very last detail!

Our Quality Guarantee

I first started Rae-Dius Construction as a renovation company in Vancouver, British Columbia. 16 years ago I moved to Bracebridge with my family, continuing the business to bring over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in the construction field to Muskoka.

I love constructing, and I'd love to do it for you!

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Client consultation

  • Site inspection

  • Design advice

  • Estimates and / or quotations

  • Plan drawings

  • Full residential build and / or renovation and construction services

  • Progress reports, including progress invoicing

  • Unparalleled service from the very beginning to the very end of your project

  • The most superior workmanship you will find

Rae-Dius Construction's experienced team of home builders are specialized in the construction of custom homes in the general Muskoka region. The Team at Rae-Dius strives for the very best, working together to go above and beyond your expectations. If you are in search of an experienced team to help you make your dream home a reality, contact us today to book a consultation.

Contact us to answer any of your questions!

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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